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Gabriel Logo

"We were impressed with ClaimTrading's knowledge of, and contacts within, the legal finance sector. ClaimTrading provided insight and a high level of advisory service and professionalism to the company in its identification of alternative funding sources" 

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Partner, International Arbitration

"ClaimTrading’s input was invaluable in our arbitration. In delicate circumstances, it demonstrated responsiveness, creativity and dedication in finding funding solutions for our client."

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Partner, International Arbitration Practice Group
Arnold & Porter

"ClaimTrading has been an effective and responsive partner in our client's search for the most favorable funding product. It’s a virtual one-stop shop with top caliber service. Through their depth of knowledge of the market and multidisciplinary expertise, they are able to identify and introduce us to the appropriate investors for the specifics of our matter. And Maddi Azpiroz is outstanding."

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Andre Agapov, CEO
Rusoro Mining Ltd

"We are very impressed with the service provided by ClaimTrading. At a difficult time, when Venezuela had expropriated our assets, ClaimTrading quickly found an excellent financing partner for us and made the whole process manageable."

Harbour logo

Susan Dunn, Co-Founder
Harbour Litigation Funding

"ClaimTrading stands out as a broker which intelligently reviews the cases it sources, thinking about them both from the claimant and the funder’s point of view – that is a rare skill, delivered with excellent customer service."

Burford logo

Chris Bogart, CEO
Burford Capital

In GAR: "We're thrilled by the innovation shown by Maddi and John and by a business model that is sensitive to the needs of those who have capital ready to deploy and inhouse resources to quickly judge a potential claim. We look forward to continuing our work with ClaimTrading, which will help to establish funding as part of the fabric of the legal market."

Calunius logo

Mick Smith & Mark Wells, Co-Founders
Calunius Capital LLP

In GAR: "ClaimTrading played a key role in making this deal happen in a mutually beneficial way for all stakeholders. Based on our experience of working with Maddi and John to date they are effective originators of arbitration claims who are well respected by lawyers and claimants alike. For those seeking investment it should provide access to a wider range of potential investors in a controlled manner, while, for investors, it represents a source of deal flow that has already passed an initial credibility filter."

Juridica logo

Richard Fields, CEO
Juridica Capital Management

In GAR: "Claimants using the platform will find a range of funders with different approaches and underwriting criteria - it's very exciting."